Saturday, May 06, 2006

Getting ready


It's that time of year again when panic sets in - do I have enough business cards? Can I get everything in the right sized suitcase? Is there room for what I (inevitably) purchase while I'm there?

And with the panic - EXCITEMENT! I'm going to Conference, one of my biggest annual investments in my professional development. I'm going to hear speakers, learn new skills, explore award winning materials, and see friends I see only once a year.

This year is even more exciting, as I am proud to be a recipient of Associate Fellow status in our great organization. I'm even bringing my husband (who is very excited about the 92 degree heat forecast for the area - I don't expect it to be that warm in the meeting rooms).

I hope to find time to log on and "blog" you some information from conference, but if not then, after we get back.

Becky Hall

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