Monday, May 08, 2006

The Transformation Is Over!

STC Leadership Day is an all-Sunday thing, from 8 am to 5pm. I was there...I know. And I'm here to report on every last detail.

Our STC leaders are excited!!! They are pumped!!! The Transformation is at an end. (Whoo-hoo!!) STC is ready to move on...with a new Executive Director. Susan is a dynamic, experienced CEO and leader of numerous NFP (not-for-profit) organizations, both for professional associations like STC and for trade organizations. That means that she has business saavy AND she knows how to talk to CEOs of corporations. Think about it...a voice for STC to our employers, our sponsors, those SMEs who don't really know (or care) what we do for their customers. We'll have a VOICE. This is BIG. There will be a PR announcement from the STC office soon, so look for more about our new Executive Director. Susan will start officially by Aug. 7. She was able to attend the STC conference here on Sunday, when she spoke briefly about her background and what she brings to the organization. Ask me later about her story with the begger in Uganda. Oh yeah, did I mention that she has international experience, too?

I think that the biggest transformation is in the members of the STC board, our society leaders. I hear a language of business saavy, about zero budgeting, about strategic planning, about not only a future vision of what STC could be, but a PLAN to get there! The board members, from Suzanna Laurent (STC President) through the Director (who were called Director-Sponsors), were given coaching and training in how to operate as a profitable organization from our interim Executive Director, Rob Moran. Rob spoke at Leadership Day and his slide presentation will be available on the website later for you to look at. You'll see how he talks about having "YES IF" conversations, as opposed to "NO BUT"--being open to ideas; to talk about increasing "member involvement" rather than "increasing membership." He recommended that STC restate its purpose and values--what is our business? Who are our customers? What can we provide to them that they value? Rob encouraged us to break molds--and reminded us that burnout is often related to repeatedly solving the same problems.

More than any advice, however, is the following quote from Mahatma Gandhi: Be the change that you want to see in others.

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