Monday, May 08, 2006

Whatta ride!

This is incredible! It took 3.5 hours in the air to get to Las Vegas airport from O'Hare on Saturday. But it took, I swear, 4 hours to get from the airport to the Paris Hotel. Course, it was Saturday night, 10pm, and EVERYONE was strolling and trolling the streets. There was a big fight between Holyfield and De La Hoya going on least some people were excited about it--they were selling T-shirts on the street corner.

This is a town of tips. There's a tip jar (full?) at the cashier where you order deli-type sandwiches. Did you ever tip the guys who are paid to make your SubWay or Potbelly order?

We gave a big tip to the guy at the car rental. When he ran out of compact cars, which is what we paid for, he offered us a mid-sized car instead. Take your pick, he said. We asked for and got it--a PT cruiser convertible! Wow, talk about cruising Vegas in style!!! Too bad it's not neon orange!

I already ran into Judy R. (our dear Ms. Pres.), and Beth Najberg, both enjoying off-conference hours with their O.H.s (other halves). I'll try to get some scoop on Judy's trip to Beaver Dam on Sunday. I did see Judy and Mr. R. last night after the Celine Dion concert. Judy was all dress up, looking pretty, and barefoot. (There's a lot of walking around here!) The concert was a charity and everyone got a gift bag from Celine. I'll have to report later what was in it!!

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