Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Quick hi from a conference attendee/new blogger

Almost two-thirds of the way through the conference...it's been interesting, and I've probably done more walking between the two hotel conference centers and other tourism sites than I normally do in a week.

I'm Paul Lockwood, by the way, a TransUnion associate and Chicago STC member attending the conference who's never blogged before. And I'm trying to think quickly as I use a "Cyber Cafe" computer here to enter my thoughts, hopefully not delaying too many other people who might be waiting to use a PC.

This is--best as I can recall--my fifth STC conference in the 15 years that I've been in the technical communication field. It's always interesting to reacquaint myself with friends from the Orlando (where I used to live) and Chicago chapters...and to meet new people from all over the world (a Belgium representative was at a workshop table this morning).

The exciting thing about STC conferences is the wide variety of sessions offered during each time slot--you're sure to find something that you or your company might want to know more about. The problem is that you often have multiple sessions in the same time slot that sound interesting. Until they figure out a way to clone humans that's affordable, I guess I'll be attending one session per period...unless I duck out early on if the presentation doesn't sound exactly like what I thought it would be. DITA, translation, editing--all sessions I'm trying to get to...and get something out of. Very intelligent people presenting these sessions, as usual; now if I can just grasp all of the acronyms and subject matter, I'll be doing well...!

The entertainment possibilities in Vegas are endless, of course. Saw the hilarious Rita Rudner Monday night; going to see the Tony Award-winning comedic musical, "Avenue Q," this evening; checking out Don Rickles Thursday night.

Better get off the computer; hope this post wasn't too boring!

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