Monday, August 25, 2008

Instructional Design in STC Chicago

Several folks at the recent e-Learning Showcase asked me about other instructional design meetings they could attend, and I pointed them to the online event calendars for STC, CISPI and CCASTD. Their questions got me thinking about the existing PDN/SIG (professional development networks / special interest groups) associated with these three groups. The CCASTD site maintains a list of the relevant PDNs for instructional designers.

How many of you belong to the ID&L (Instructional Design & Learning) SIG through your STC membership? Is there any interest in holding a regional ID&L meeting this Fall in Chicago?


  1. I belong to the ID&L SIG. A regional meeting would be of interest! Not sure there's enough time to prepare for fall, but a good idea!

    Beth Najberg

  2. Lucas Ecklund-Baker8/31/2008 8:04 PM

    I belong to the IDL SIG, and I would also be interested in a regional meeting.

  3. A regional meeting is a great idea of course. I checked the numbers and found the IDL SIG has around 2,500 members worldwide, with 2,100 members here in the U.S. See the IDL SIG Membership Page.

    That said, I think Mike was referring to a Chicago-area meeting or workshop that would be of interest to other groups, including CISPI, CCASTD, AMC e-Learning, etc. In fact, I think we are currently exploring the options. ... I'll let Mike speak to that. As co-manager of the Workshops & Seminars Committee, he would know more about it than I.


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