Thursday, October 02, 2008

Technical Writing: It's Shocking

Yahoo! Education recently listed technical writing as a career with a surprising salary, averaging $62,780 (BLS, 2007):

Technical Writer
Writing is a labor of love for many, but for writers in technical fields, it's also the source of a healthy paycheck. Technical writers translate technical information for a mass audience, making them a crucial link between consumers and techie product and service providers. Their technical expertise earns them an extra $10,000 a year over the average writer's salary, according to some estimates.

The Lowdown: Writers typically hold a college bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, or English. Technical writers may increase their employability with courses or a degree in a technical field or a certificate in technical writing.

Labor of love? Healthy paycheck? As we head towards October's chapter meeting on education and employment, do you have any thoughts or concerns about your employability?

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