Monday, May 24, 2010

At-a-Glance Photo Contest Results

April 2010

As it turns out, we didn't have a winner in April. This marks only the second time in the history of our contest that we've stumped everyone. Take another look at the photo. Still don't know the answer? It's 333 Wacker Drive. Need to see a different a different angle of the building and learn more about its history? Check out this Wikipedia entry about 333 Wacker Drive.

May 2010

We admit it. Those who attended the STC Summit in Dallas this year may have had a bit of an advantage in May. The Dallas skyline was featured in the May edition of STC Chicago At-a-Glance. Take another look at the photo.

June 2010

The Adler Planetarium was featured our photo contest this month. Were you able to identify it? The contest winner's name can be found at

By the way, the Planetarium recently launched a new website. Check it out!

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