Friday, June 08, 2012

Tech Comm Friday (June 8)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope those who went to yesterday's First Thursday meetups had a grand ol' time. Sorry for the late post this week; there were so many great posts this week to pick through. But with the help of Graffiti Owl (whom I found next to the river at State and Wacker), I found some posts to help you stay aware of the past week's goings on in tech comm.
  • With Twitter being such a widely used tool at the 2012 Summit, it has become vital to understand how to use it. Roger Renteria's guide provides a great introduction for the Twitter Luddites among us (myself included).
  • In a related blog post, Sarah Maddox asks for help in crowdsourcing a wiki Twitter guide for technical communicators. It's as easy as signing up for the wiki and adding missing information.
  • Vinish Garg, writer of the blog Enjoy Technical Writing, expounds on the benefits and limitations of utilizing WordPress as a platform for documentation.
  • Smashing Magazine's Rian van der Merwe talks about when it's okay (or even necessary) to break longstanding Webdesign rules in favor of something better.
  • Finally, here's a blast from the past: a classic article from American Scientist, "The Science of Scientific Writing" by George Gopen and Judith Swan.
Also, in case you've been in a hole the past week, many LinkedIn passwords were hacked. If you use LinkedIn, be sure to change the passwords of ALL other services' accounts that shared passwords with your LinkedIn (of which there ideally should be none), and also change your LinkedIn password.

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