Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Make Guides in a Snap with SnapGuide

Tonight I'm making a healthy summer pasta salad. I'm not following a recipe, per se. I'm following instructions on a new iPhone app called SnapGuide.

SnapGuide is the latest software that puts instruction creation in the hands of the user. "eHow was a pioneer in publish content online," says SnapGuide co-founder Daniel Raffel, "but it's a lot of 'evergreen' [and impersonal] content. We want to be a place where people share what they're passion about...".

And that's exactly what SnapGuide is. Anyone with an iPhone and a desire to show others how to do something can add their knowledge to SnapGuide's growing library of how to's.

Creating a guide is easy. But using a guide is fun. Search SnapGuide's cache, and you can learn how to do just about anything, such as how to turn a glass bottle into a lamp or how to take better photos with your iPhone.

An app like SnapGuide is an immediate win for today's social sharing crowd. And it's yet another tool to add to the tech writers already brimming tool bag. Consider downloading SnapGuide and contributing to the world of guides.

Have you used SnapGuide yet? What do you think?

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